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Tenth anniversary of the Mas Haut Buis and Domaine Des Grecaux

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2013: tricky but great in the end

Thanks to meticulous work, extreme attention and continuous care in the vineyard, the 2013 vintage eventually turned out to be excellent, when it could have been very complicated, not to say clearly bad.

Indeed, while the winter was normal, the rest of the year was not. Cold and rain in the spring resulted in a late and heterogeneous flowering.

Then, the summer was wet and the veraison (the beginning of ripening, when the grapes begin to change colour) only happened mid-August, some two weeks later than usual.

The harvest started only on 10 September (with Chardonnay) and lasted six weeks to end on 17 October (with Grenache). With 150mm of rainfall between 20 September and 10 October, the whole process became complicated, with difficult choices to make in search of optimal grape maturity – but very judicious ones in the end.