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Tenth anniversary of the Mas Haut Buis and Domaine Des Grecaux

10 Portraits for 10 Years

The outsider of Languedoc


2012: all in all, a good vintage

The winter was very cold, colder than in 2011, with temperatures reaching 15°C below zero and strong winds (over 100 kmh). Some grapevines froze and were lost.

Light rains in spring resulted in increased pressure from mildew and oidium but sound management and vigilance in the vineyard allowed Olivier Jeantet to overcome the diseases.

The summer was temperate until mid-August when temperatures rose significantly, resulting in some water shortages but storms towards the end oft he month and in early September brought more than enough water.

There was some rain during the harvest, which started in the second half of September, but it did not alter the quality of he grapes. All in all, 2012 was a good vintage.