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2018: A year marked by mildew

After a winter not very cold but extremely rainy (700 mm of rain between January 1st and the beginning of April while the annual average is generally of 1100mm), the spring was also marked by heavy rains and a maritime influence during five weeks , almost never seen.

This almost permanent moisture has created extremely favorable conditions for late blight. The vines suffered a very strong attack in early May and another one month later.

Instead of the few annual treatments, it was 14 treatments with Bordeaux mixture that had to be done at this time. The bloom was quite early, appearing in the rain of June, which favored the coulure.

The heat returned in July but the damage was done, the mildew persisted until the harvest. Harvesting complicated since it took a lot to sort. In the end, about 40% of the harvest was lost. With fewer berries and more bunch on the bunches, it was necessary to limit the vattages in whole bunches to Syrah.

Photo credit: Vanessa Ottoni